Splash5 Photography - Fargo ND

Common Questions

Q: What should I wear?
A: Try to avoid being too 'matchy'. Think about matching tones instead (pastels or bright colors or muted colors, etc) or variations of a few diffrent colors with an accent color (whites and greys and blacks with any one color as an accent, or light blues and bright blues and navies with yellow accents). You can also take a cue from interior design. If you like a look of a room in your home or another location, pull colors and patterns from there. Stay away from high contrast patterns, bold prints, and logos. Those things tend to distract from the most important part of the picture...you! Have a look at J. Crew, Gap, Old Navy, etc for inspiration.

Q: I'm worried that my child may not coooperate. Any suggestions?
A: Don't worry! I've got you covered! I used to teach preschool so I have plenty tricks up my sleeve. We can sing songs, play games, be silly, whatever it takes! I usually have some bubbles along for child shoots. You are also encouraged to bring drinks and snacks for the little ones (its hard work being so cute!). Also please bring any comfort objects they might have, or even a fun toy or two to play with. It might not all be needed, but its better to be prepared. Also, its important to remember, the child is in charge! If they aren't cooperative with a pose or direction, thats totally fine and we move on to the next thing. If they want to take a snack break, thats fine too. Its ok to break the rules just this once to ensure smiles and avoid melt downs.

Q: Whats the best time of the day, lighting wise, for an outdoor shoot?
A: Mornings and evenings are best. They provided the softest most flatering light. If at all possible, avoid midday (between 11 a.m.-2 p.m.).